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Believing You Can Do It

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

I can still remember being 7 years old and excited sitting in front of a sewing machine. I can picture the old sewing machine and my great-aunt sitting next to me.

My great Aunt Nora gave me three special gifts:

  • her time

  • her knowledge

  • her encouragement and support

Even though my mother thought I was too young to use a sewing machine, my aunt believed that together we could do it! And we did.

And despite the painful setback of the needle going through my thumb (the left one I usually sucked to get to sleep!) I gained a love of stitching.

That day started an ongoing adventure with sewing machine stitching, leading to getting my own sewing machine and studying applied textiles, and then developing free machine embroidery with a wide range of innovative materials. This involves a sense of playful inquiry, taking risks, and not giving up.

During a felting workshop this week, I suggested a participant could add some stitching, and I was saddened by her shaking her head and sharing how a school textiles teacher banned her from using a sewing machine as she had broken several needles! That ban has lasted many years and hindered. Often I am told that a sewing machine has been gifted, or even bought, and after a quick look at the instructions, it has been left in it's box through fears of: breaking it; not being able to get going; making a mess of things. So if that's you, or you have a sewing machine hidden away in your attic/cupboard, then let's sit together (in person or on Zoom) and let me help you find your way around your sewing machine.

I have done that with many adults and children, and with old and new machines, with no mishaps and with great feedback.

One online student even made notes on her sewing machine:

I am believing you can get stitching and am offering the gifts of time, knowledge, encouragement and support, so message me to start, or continue, your sewing machine adventure.

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