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Celebrating World Art Day

15th of April, the same day as the birth of the world-famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci (1452).

Leonardo da Vinci’s areas of interest included invention, drawing, painting, sculpture, architecture, science, music, mathematics, engineering, literature, anatomy, geology, astronomy, botany, and more.

In 1495, Leonardo da Vinci began what would become one of history's most influential works of art - The Last Supper. Leonardo hadn't worked on such a large painting and had no experience in the standard mural medium of fresco. the incredible sense of perspective the work displays. The sharp angling of the walls within the picture, lead back to the seemingly distant back wall of the room and the windows that show the hills and sky beyond.

This year April 13th is Good Friday, the day after Maundy Thursday when Christians celebrate the last supper Jesus had with his disciples, depicted by da Vinci.

World Art Day is the perfect time to celebrate creativity and bring joy to others - bringing a smile to others and forward the concept of creating a better world through aesthetics.

the World Health Organization has deemed stress ‘the health epidemic of the twenty-first century and April is also stressed awareness month. I find that getting "in the zone" being absorbed in creative play really reduces my stress levels. This is why i aim to bring some peace and play into your everyday!

celebrations help to:

  • reinforce the links between artistic creations and society

  • encourage greater awareness of the diversity of artistic expressions

  • highlight the contribution of artists to sustainable development.

Art is proven to nurture creativity, innovation, and cultural diversity for all peoples across the globe, and it plays an important role in sharing knowledge and encouraging curiosity and dialogue.

I would love to know if and how you will be celebrating World Art Day. Will you be like Leonardo and try something you haven't done before? Will you share your creation with others? Will you support an artist who practices sustainability?

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