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Happy World Collage Day

World Collage Day is an annual international celebration of collage, held on the second Saturday of May. The day is all about people connecting to create new forms of art and new ways of thinking, in a spirit of cooperation and mutual support.

Here I share some of my own and other artists' collages and offer you the chance to create your own collage.

I have recently returned from a trip to America and there I was inspired by a couple of artist's collages:

"Fullness" 2023 by Limei Lai - fabric and paper collage with acrylic paint at Lan Su the Portland Chinese Garden

An untitled piece created with contact papers in 1981 by Judy Pfaff displayed at the Portland Museum

When on my travels I love to collect paper, this can be from bags, magazines, food packaging ...

Hope one of my collage pieces is a negative space collage using paper shapes created from my paper collection

Perhaps you would like to celebrate World collage day and have a go at your own negative space college? The other four letter words I'd suggest are LOVE or HOME, or you can be more subversive! I made a video on creating this collage that will show you how

Please do share your creations in the comments - to add to this creative space.

I keep pieces of my printing and mixed media art in my collection ready to collage with. So if you are not impressed with some art, it doesn't need to be discarded as it can often feature in future work.

I rolled some pieces of work and included them in my collage Set Boundaries

Collage is great for creating new art from old and for art journaling.

I have a kit to help you which includes lots of different pieces, detailed instructions a stencil and even washi tape. You will be able to create your own art journal from this kit.

If you would like to join either an online or in-person mixed media art workshop then please do get in touch.

Happy collage and art journal creation!

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