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Quilt Creations

This is the first blog in a series on the Festival of Quilts 2022 Competition Quilts. I share the entries that appealed to me and you will see that sometimes I agree with the Judge's decision, and sometimes I make very different choices.

Here we look at the Quilt Creations category. All entries in this category must qualify as clothing, wearable art, or three-dimensional pieces. 3D items must have length, breadth, and depth.

The winner of the Quilt Creations category for 2022 is Jacquie Harvey with 'Medieval Tunic'. The judges said it was "a stunning combination of history and needlework updated. Full of visual interest and technical accomplishment in applique and hand stitching. The use of colour and gold thread is subtle but clever. I agree about the technical accomplishment, but it really didn't stand out to me and I walked on past!

My first choice would be the shortlisted Stitched Vessels by Kate Sandford. I liked the aesthetic and also applaud the recycling involved, auditioning small fabric scraps and hand quilting them.

I reflected on the difference with my Stitched Vessel which is inspired by Gaudi mosaics and is machine quilted. This is designed as an insulated bottle cover, which can also be used as a vase. I didn't enter my vessel in the competition, maybe in the future?

My second Choice is the Quilted Kenwood Chef by Sue Trevor. I loved the hand-dyed bright silk applique and free machine embroidery. A really fun piece.

I did like the judge's second prize choice - The Artists Voice by Sally Hutson, This artist's smock has free machine artists quotes on a calico drop cloth and I would be happy to wear this, although was not a fan of all the doodle stitched sketches, which made it a little too crowded.

My joint third choice in the Quilt Creation category is the shortlisted longarm quilted silk coat embellished with crystals " Tea with the Queen" by Anne Lillholm. I heard others talking about this coat, and it is obvious the patience used. Although not really my colour, I would be happy to wear it. Somehow though, I think the self-covered buttons add to the back of the coat but spoil the front.

My joint third choice ( a cheat I know!) is Buru a Koete - Beyond Blue by Janice Gunner, made as a homage to the Shibori artisans of Japan. The artist shares her reminiscence using gold stitching and cord, but I think it works well aesthetically and the cube is displayed imaginatively above a mirror so that all sides could be seen. This is a wonderful Shibori sampler quilt!

Finally, my shortlisted creation in this category is "Waste Quilt" by Alice Burnhope. I was intrigued by the design - a hole and some interesting 3D sections. It showcases up-cycled fabric, dyed using onion skins and avocado food waste, which I also love to do and run workshops in. I love the contrasting deep blue used. Researching for this blog I find that the quilt is designed as wearable art - the hole is for your head. A shame this isn't mentioned in the competition cataloque entry and it wasn't displayed on a mannequin at the Festival!

So that's my selection for this category, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my choices and also what your choices would be. Maybe even one that I haven't included?

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