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The World We Share

Whether you were able to visit the Festival of Quilts in person at the NEC, or whether you have browsed the quilts online, (including here on my blog) what did you think?

Did you vote for The Visitors' Choice Award?

Here I reveal which quilt I voted for, and was going to share the winner.- but we are still waiting!

I also share quilts from the Quilters'Guild Challenge on the theme "The World We Share" and also a couple of textile art pieces from an exhibition that is on at the moment.

The quilt that really spoke to me and that I admired most for the mix of techniques, materials, and found objects was...drum roll, please ....

Just Being by Marianne Mohandes.

inspired by emotions when walking on the beach during the Covid Pandemic, when the world seemed upside down. The calming restorative feelings of "just being" one with nature and the irresistible urge to collect and examine the natural objects found there. I found each section fascinating in itself, and as a thalassophile, someone who loves the ocean, I related to the feeling of just being. This quilt won third prize in the art quilt category, and my vote. Please share in the comments below what your choice was/would have been.

In the "The World We Share" theme, I was struck by Alice Jones' quilt "As The Earth Turns".

This modern-style green quilt is a response to the burst of new growth in Spring or after rain. It is not a colour combination I would think of but it really works well.

I was also drawn to "Prestongrange 1" by Shena Stone which has monoprinted panels of plants on a background discharge printed with bleach. This demonstrates how to present samples made using printing which I love to do. It marks how plants will take over abandoned industrial sites.

The winner of the "The World We Share" challenge was "Intertwined" by Jo Avery where improv quilted flowers and leaves break out of a traditional block structure. I love the range of techniques, design and colours.

So that ends my choices of inspiration from the Festival of Quilts 2022. But I have been continuing to enjoy textile art and recemtly visited a joint exhibition of two groups:Bolton Stitch & Textile Group; Ribble Creative Stitchers - Colours Textures and Heritage of Lancashire at Astley Hall, Chorley (PR7 1XA).

Here I will share a couple of pictures. But there are also both wall and wearable art on display - 11-4 Friday - Sunday until 16th October.

Here are some 3D textile sculptures by Valerie Coleshaw and Eiizabeth Crabtree. I love the colour, especially on the reverse, and the shadows they made. Sorry they arn't on a turntable with a video so we can see all round.

My final picture is of a Coppice by Susan E Fielding with her sketchbook behind. This mixed media piece drew me in to take a meander amongst the landscape.and the world we share.

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