Sashiko Sewing Kit

Sashiko Sewing Kit

Calming "slow stitching"- craft supplies & tools with full instructions and everything you need.

Make two stitched Japanese Asanoha (hemp leaf) design  greeting cards, using white cotton Japanese thread.

An ideal crafty gift, including for yourself!

This sewing kit is designed to enable you to have a go at a relaxing, hand stitched traditional Japanese design.
It saves you having to buy the skein of Sashiko cotton thread and a pack of needles. 
It enables you to turn your creations into two unique greeting cards. You could of course use your stitched design to repair clothing Boro style or to frame them.

The Japanese word Sashiko means "little stabs" and refers to the small stitches used in this form of needlework. 
Traditional sashiko uses indigo dyed fabric and white sashiko thread whilst designs usually come from nature,