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At Such A Time

Is the current situation causing you to do more chilling with a cup of tea, or to Spring Clean and sort out cupboards? Or perhaps it's your garden that is getting some care?

I'm finding it interesting to see the complete range response to the pandemic situation. Some of course are carers and front line workers and are stretched and in need of courage and resilience. They have our admiration and gratitude.

But I would suggest that whether we are isolated from our loved ones, ill, bereaved, or merely facing a different routine and lifestyle we are all in need of a degree of courage, peace and resilience.

One thing we all need to do is to keep hydrated, and the advice is it's time to have a hot beverage. What is your go to drink at the moment? For me I'm enjoying slices of lemon and root ginger in hot water and I try to have a flask with me that I can keep sipping. Savoring our drinks and doing what we CAN do, can both help us to be grounded in the present, and not worrying about what tomorrow will bring.

Some of us find action can help us cope in uncertainty, yet we may be finding it hard to focus and get on with tasks. It is certainly a time to be gentle and caring with ourselves and those around us.

Those of us who are "non key workers", I suspect that those are the only ones with the energy to be reading this! We need to consider how we can make the best of our current situation and be grateful for the protection our homes provide. It is perhaps an unique time for us to stay safe at home and consider the tasks that can sooth and support us.

However you find yourself at home, I send you my love. I found this picture of a fellow creative entrepreneur wearing one of my vintage up-cycled denim aprons and it made me smile. For now my task is to create face masks from my fabric stash, but I am also aware of the denim that is waiting for me to upcycle and also the cleaning that the sunshine is showing me needs to be done.

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