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May This Be The Start of a Great Year For You!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Let's quash those January blues and start the year how we mean to go on!

I am delighted to invite you to our first ever Succeed From The Start Summit, which is taking place over 3 days, from 8 am on the 20th Jan, to 11.30 pm on the 22nd Jan! This is our gift to you at the start of the New Year, and we hope you will take as much advantage of the value as you are able to.

During this event, we are hosting over 40 expert speakers who will be delivering around 60 individual 30 min sessions, all delivered live, and offering a huge variety of topic areas, from tools needed to grow your own business; personal development skills to enhance, and nurture, your daily life; emotional awareness; health; wellbeing; employment skills; family wellbeing; hobbies and SO much more - the list continues to grow, and you will receive full details of each session and their timings, once you've registered. (Just click the following link if you haven't done so already!

Sorry this event has finished

We are also supporting two very worthwhile charities - the Jehovah Jiri Orphanage in India, and the Alpha Childrens' Centre in Uganda; in order to do this, we ask that you make a voluntary donation when you order your ticket

Feel free to ask me any questions and I will get back to you

Attendees will be invited to a Facebook group through the event, which is where the recordings will be hosted for a couple of weeks, along with speakers offers. So don't worry if you are not available this week to watch live as you will have the chance to watch on catch-up and still be eligible for all the offers!

My speaking slot is 7pm on Friday when I will be sharing all things Sashiko - and a mindful stitching offer

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